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‘Tis the season for last-second Christmas shopping and downing cutout cookies at family holiday shindigs, but don’t pass up the job hunting opportunities that also come up this time of year.  (Because hiring doesn’t stop just because it’s the holidays.)  Here are a couple of tips:

Exhaust your resources.
Send work samples with your résumé, or create an online portfolio.  Contact department heads directly.  Talk with your professors and ask if they have any advice or contacts who can help you in your search.

Capitalize on the holiday spirit.

Even if it’s your fourth holiday party that week, go anyway – you never know when you’ll meet new people who can point you to job leads.  Listen more than you talk, and always stay positive.  While you don’t want to attend parties with a purse full of résumés or annoy everyone at the party, do let people know you’re looking.

Keep your schedule flexible for interviews and meetings.
If you’re able to come in to interview a day or two before Christmas or New Year’s Eve, you could have a leg up on competitors who have planned weeklong trips.

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During finals week my senior year, I can assure you that job searching was the last thing from my mind.  (I was more than occupied with catching up on a semester’s worth of reading and memorizing 12 weeks’ worth of notes.)

This week, it’s perfectly understandable if you’re too busy to keep up your job search.  But don’t go into lazy mode the second you turn in that last final.  It only takes a couple of minutes to write your professor an e-mail or drop into office hours, but it can make a big difference in your job search.

Whether you’re heading straight to the job market or applying to grad school, your professors are one of the best resources you have.  They’re familiar with your intelligence, personality and work ethic, and they also have a lot of contacts.  They might just know someone at the company where you hope to work.

If you need a little more help with acquiring and giving out references, here are some answers to some frequently asked questions.  Good luck on your exams!


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