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2007 NBA/WNBA/D-League Teams Job Fair Presented By CareerBuilder.com

Would you like a career in sports? Can you sell tickets? The 2007 NBA/WNBA/D-League Teams Job Fair Presented by Careerbuilder.com offers recent college graduates the opportunity to meet team representatives interested in hiring for ticket sales positions. Team hiring managers are looking for candidates who have worked at a professional sports team or college athletic department, have had some sales experience, and are a former high school or collegiate athlete.

Online applications are currently being taken for the job fair, which will take place on March 8-10, 2007 in Chicago, IL.

If you recently graduated from college (December 2006) or will be graduating in the spring of 2007 and would like to be considered, please click here. This is a by-invitation-only job fair.  Apply Now>>



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Think you’re a tech genius? Software design’s a piece of cake? Here’s your chance to prove it – and win cash, prizes, and possibly find a post-graduation job.

The Imagine Cup is a worldwide student technology competition that aims to create excitement around the use of Information Technology to benefit the world while highlighting the career opportunities available in the field.

What does that mean for you? A chance to show that you’re one of the smartest students in North America by testing your software engineering skills, and the opportunity to meet top employers and build your job search know-how.

There are three stages:

Online Competition: A series of programming and testing challenges. Completing these challenges will show potential employers that you a high level of knowledge and skill.

Regional Semi-Final Events: The top 500 students will be invited to attend a Regional Semifinal event in one of these cities: Boston, New Orleans, San Francisco or Toronto. The top 24 students will be invited to the third and final stage in Redmond, Wash. At the regional event, you’ll have the chance to network at the Career Fair and Speed Networking sessions hosted by CareerBuilder.com. You will be given the opportunity to network and interview with top companies with the potential to land the career opportunity of your dreams!

North American Final: Six teams of four students will have one week to design, develop, test and debug their applications. Teams will be housed in Redmond, Wash. near the Microsoft Campus and will be provided with mentoring from Microsoft Project Managers, Software Development Engineers, and others. A team of judges from Microsoft will review, assess and score the applications. While everyone will be a winner, one team will be selected to represent the U.S. and Canada in Seoul, Korea at the Imagine Cup 2007 Worldwide Finals.

For more information, visit the 2007 Imagine Cup Competition Web site.


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I Heart Current Events

Naptime is for kindergartners, and, apparently, workers in a Bangkok municipal office. Boy, am I Thai-red … think they need bloggers in Bangkok? … Need Boost? Take Midday Snooze

Typos are always no-nos, whether in your resume, cover letter or in a flight-booking web site … Typo Takes Tourist 8,077 Miles Out of His Way

Six years is the new four years like brown is the new black. Less than 35% of students at "four-year colleges" complete their degrees in four years … College: The New Six-Year Degree

Yet another case of a brave soul willing to risk his job for a few artistic butt-prints  … Teacher Suspended Over Posterior Art

The Onion is always full of great tips for getting hired (Kidding!!  Bad idea!  Really, really bad idea!) … Letter of Recommendation Clearly Written Under Duress


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The future looks bright!

Post-college job pastures are going to get even greener in 2007—17.4 percent greener, to be exact. That’s how much the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) predicts college hiring will increase in 2007, making it the fourth straight year that new graduate hiring is expected to grow by a double-digit percentage.

Here’s a list of seven prominent career fields with the job predicted to present the most opportunities to college graduates.*

Field: Arts and Writing

Job: Public Relations Specialist

What they do: Promote media’s awareness of clients via publicity campaigns. Act as a liaison—often via written press releases—between clients and the public.

Median salary in 2005: $45,020

Projected job openings from 2004-2014: 70,000

Why there will be openings: Expanding media outlets and a retiring workforce should create career opportunities for college graduates with strong communication skills.

Field: Business, Finance and Sales

Job: Accountants and Auditors

What they do: Analyze fiscal records, inform clients about tax laws, prepare financial and statistical reports, and organize systems for recording expenditures.

Median salary in 2005: $52,210

Projected job openings from 2004-2014: 486,000

Why there will be openings: Rising personal incomes and increased regulation of financial activity should augment the need for accountants and auditors.

Field: Computers and Engineering

Job: Computer Software Engineers, Applications

What they do: Develop, analyze and modify computer applications software for optimal operational efficiency.

Median salary in 2005: $77,090

Projected job openings from 2004-2014: 268,000

Why there will be openings: Ever-intensifying demand for new technology is expected to drive hiring of computer engineers.

Field: Counseling and Social Science

Job: Child, Family and School Social Workers

What they do: Provide services and assistance to improve the social and psychological functioning of children, both in and out of school, as well as their families.

Median salary in 2005: $35,250

Projected job openings from 2004-2014: 98,000

Why there will be openings: As schools and parents continue to see the benefits of counseling, demand for social workers is expected to grow.

Field: Education

Job: Elementary School Teachers (except special education)

What they do: Teach public or private elementary school students academic and social skills.

Median salary in 2005: $44,040

Projected job openings from 2004-2014: 587,000

Why there will be openings: In addition to the large number of educators that are expected to retire, there is also a trend toward smaller class sizes that will result in employment opportunities for teachers.

Field: Healthcare

Job: Registered Nurses

What they do: Assess and respond to needs of ill and injured patients, implement care plans and maintain medical records.

Median salary in 2005: $54,670

Projected job openings from 2004-2014: 712,000

Why there will be openings: An aging population will require an increased number of healthcare providers.

Field: Science

Job: Chemists

What they do: Conduct chemical analyses and experiments, often in order to develop new products or knowledge.

Median salary in 2005: $57,890

Projected job openings from 2004-2014: 33,000

Why there will be openings: Many scientists are expected to retire, resulting in a shrinking workforce that will need to be replaced.

*According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ "2004-2014 Job Outlook for College Graduates."


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