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Hopefully ya’ll recognize the song I ‘m referencing in the title – if not, either I’m getting old or I’m making stuff up. Either one is entirely possible.


Many college students choose their major based on what’ s going to make them the big bucks versus what’s going to make them happy. When asked about their life goals, 81 percent of 18- to 25-year-olds said getting rich is either the most important or the second-most important goal in their lives, according to a Pew Research Center poll.

It doesn’t take a genius to know that money doesn’t equal happiness – in fact, most of the people I know who have sacrificed their dreams in lieu of making a quick buck, are the same people who are extremely unhappy and unsatisfied with their lives.

However, no matter what I, or anyone else says, there will always be those who want to make a lot of money. More power to ya. Because of that, I’ve posted 10 jobs that make at least $25 an hour- i.e. $48,000 per year.

I’d say that was a nice chunk of change, wouldn’t you?

  1. Market analyst – $27.18/hour. Market
    analysts work in government agencies, consulting firms, financial
    institutions or marketing research firms, where they research and
    predict the sales potential of a particular product or service. Annual salary: $56,541
  2. Chemist – $25.16/hour. Chemists
    search for and use knowledge about chemicals to discover and develop
    new and improved products, processes to save energy and reduce
    pollution, and advances in fields like medicine and agriculture. Annual salary: $52,333
  3. Civil engineer – $25.29/hour. Civil
    engineers plan, design and oversee engineering for building projects
    like airports, bridges, buildings and irrigation systems. Annual salary: $52,605
  4. Social worker – $25.06/hour. Social
    workers work for places like community centers, hospitals and penal
    institutions, where they develop programs to help individuals and
    groups enhance their personal relationships and social development.
    Annual salary: $52,119
  5. Human resources generalist – $26.90/hour. Human
    resources generalists work to improve working conditions within an
    establishment by identifying, evaluating and resolving problems in
    employee relations and work performance. Annual salary: $55,959
  6. Architect – $26.41/hour. Architects
    apply their knowledge of design to plan and supervise the construction
    of building projects according to their clients’ needs and financial
    resources. Annual salary: $55,060
  7. Speech pathologist – $25.05/hour. Speech
    pathologists specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of speech and
    language disorders and study the science of human communication.
    Annual salary: $52,105
  8. Budget analyst – $26.71/hour. Budget
    analysts review financial plans and help institutions prepare budgets,
    improve efficiency and lower costs. Annual salary: $55,579
  9. Detective – $27.02/hour. Detectives
    carry out investigations to prevent crimes or solve criminal cases.
    Annual salary: $56,197
  10. Physical therapist – $25.68/hour. Physical
    therapists plan and administer medically prescribed treatment for
    patients suffering from injuries or certain diseases to restore
    function, relieve pain and prevent disability. Annual salary: $53,410



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It’s been a few months since this year’s past graduates finished school, and hopefully you’ve been looking for a job during that time – even better, hopefully you’ve FOUND a job. But, on the off-chance that you haven’t and instead have just been enjoying your time off (totally fine), then read on.

Job hunting can be a long, arduous, tedious task – but it doesn’t have to be. Here’s an example of you can break up your week, according to “The Everything Get-a-Job Book.”

Sunday: Look through the classified ads.

Monday: Follow up on these ads by sending out your resume and cover letter.

: Focus on contacting companies directly.

: Do more research to find listings of other companies to contact.

Thursday and Friday: Spend the day networking as you try to set up appointments to meet with people and develop more contacts.

If you don’t have a job secured after you’ve been job searching for a few months, consider looking for a part-time job to keep yourself busy, help you make some money and gain experience. Even if the job isn’t in your field, you can surely apply basic skills from one job to another.

You’re probably frustrated with your lack of a full-time job and working part-time will also break up your routine, keep you motivated and show future employers that you have initiative and good work ethic.

Good luck on your search and keep checking back for more advice!


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I know I just posted about Facebook last week, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to have this week’s post follow closely on the same subject. Especially because as a fellow Facebook and MySpace user (and working for a company where half the staff has an account as well), I know the implications of having a profile that companies can look at.

I know this topic has been blogged about before, but especially now that Facebook has opened it’s doors to people of all ages, including companies, I just wanted to reiterate some important points:

  • Be selective about your privacy settings. Select your profile to be seen only by your “friends” on the site.
  • Be selective about your pictures. Only allow to be seen by friends. If you’re friends with your co-workers, maybe you should consider blocking them from seeing your pictures.
  • Don’t delete, just clean it up. Don’t delete your account altogether; social networking sites are not only a good way to keep in touch with friends (and waste some time before class), but they are good for what their name implies: social networking. Use these sites to your advantage to promote yourself in your profile and make career contacts.

On a totally different note, I was remembering some job titles that I wished I had when I was in college – you know, fun/flexible/social jobs…and I found some on the site I’d like to share:

Magazine production
Travel companies
Marketing and Events promotion
Nursing assistant


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