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It’s never too early to start looking for your first job after college. Although it’s only January, it will be May before you know it and you don’t want to be caught off guard when graduation sneaks up on you.

To help prepare graduates for this transition, Laurence Shatkin, Ph.D., and career expert Michael Farr wrote “200 Best Jobs for Recent Graduates, Fourth Edition. The book identifies 200 of the most rewarding jobs for graduates, including such pertinent information as annual earnings, beginning wages, job growth and more.

“These jobs have higher percentages of recent college graduates and may present more opportunities for initial entry or upward mobility,” Shatkin says.

Here’s a short list of the best overall jobs with a high percentage of college graduates between 20- and 24-year-olds, according to Farr and Shatkin.

Beginning wage: $40,100

Percent growth: 53.4 percent

Annual opening: 35,086

Beginning wage: $30,890

Percent growth: 24.8 percent

Annual opening: 47,750

Beginning wage: $30,890

Percent growth: 24.8 percent

Annual opening: 47,750

Beginning wage: $33,310

Percent growth: 20.1 percent

Annual opening: 45,015

Beginning wage: $29,580

Percent growth: 17.6 percent

Annual opening: 51,216

Beginning wage: $32,470

Percent growth: 18.5 percent

Annual opening: 38,379

Beginning wage: $28,430

Percent growth: 12.6 percent

Annual opening: 54,025

Beginning wage: $48,750

Percent growth: 23.7 percent

Annual opening: 3,245

Beginning wage: $28,360

Percent growth: 22.2 percent

Annual opening: 22,756

Beginning wage: $25,950

Percent growth: 12.9 percent

Annual opening: 97,334


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It’s official: 2008 is over and it’s time to focus on all the possibilities that lie ahead in 2009. Much as we would like it to, time doesn’t stand still, even in a rough economy — which means that in five short months, many of you will be graduating. Which means that pretty soon, you’ll be searching the rough, dangerous waters that are the current job market along with the rest of us.

To help you in your search, we looked to one of our salary partners, ERI Economic Research Institute, which publishes various salary data. One interesting list they’ve compiled is top starting salaries by degree. The list was created from the Salaries Review College Graduate Salary Survey Report. In creating this survey, ERI Economic Research Institute utilized the degrees defined and reported upon by the U.S. National Center for Education Statistics.

Here is what they came up with:

Degree field: Engineering
Job offer: $49,707

Degree field: Computer Programming
Job offer: $46,775

Degree field: Mathematics
Job offer: $46,405

Degree field: Construction Trades
Job offer: $44,370

Degree field: General Economics
Job offer: $43,419

Degree field:Accounting
Job offer: $42,104

Degree field: Chemistry
Job offer: $41,638

Degree field: Management Science
Job offer: $40,592

Degree field: General Finance
Job offer: $38,024

Degree field: Human Resources Management
Job offer: $34,746

To see the full list, click here.

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