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We’ve grown up with the Internet. We were the first generation to learn just how anonymous online profiles and message boards aren’t. So you already know not to give out your personal information (like your address) online. Everyone’s talked ad nauseam about not posting drunk pictures of yourself on your social-networking profile or making sure your privacy settings prevent co-workers from viewing your profile. But you might not be thinking about whether or not your boss, a future employer, or co-workers are reading your blog.

Your blog is your own place to post your rants and raves for others to read. You can discuss how much you hate your roommate or why that Poli Sci class is ruining your life. That’s all well and good, but be sure you’re not putting yourself in a position to tick anybody off. It sounds strange to say you should censor yourself in your blog, but as long as you’re allowing anybody (be it a restricted list of friends or all anybody who wants) to read it, there’s a chance your words could haunt you.

Some tips for blogging:

  • Don’t make your blog public to just anyone. You’re bound to forget that anybody could be reading it, or you might start to think only those who leave comments are reading it.
  • Don’t name names. That smelly guy who sits behind you in Art History might end up your co-worker or the friend of a friend (of a friend). It’s a smaller world than you think.
  • Don’t forget that you’ve linked to it on your Facebook profile. You don’t have to take down the link, just remember that other people might see that link you forget was there.
  • If you don’t want people knowing you have a blog (because you rant about them in it), don’t talk about it. Once they find out, they’re bound to ask for a link.
  • Do mention your job hunt. You might have readers whom you don’t talk to on a daily basis and otherwise wouldn’t know you’re looking for a job. It’s one more way to network.
  • If you’re not yet on the job market but know you will be, do put the word out. As you get closer to graduation and maybe complete an internship or other jobs, feel free to talk about it. (We’re assuming you’re not giving away private information about any companies on here.) Somebody might keep in you in mind when they hear about an opportunity in your field of study/experience.

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