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We started talking about networking on Wednesday, and there’s more to be said!  For seasoned professionals who have years of experience, networking is commonplace, but to young students, it’s often just an abstract concept that you can’t relate to. Here is Kailee’s view on what networking means to her and in this economy.

kailee-hPeople always say it’s who you know that counts, but until recently, I never really understood the concept of networking, or how to take advantage of it. I was unsure of who could assist me professionally and what tools or resources I could employ in my search for internships and jobs. Only in the past year have I come to fully appreciate the value of networking.

Professors, peers and parents throw the word networking around like it’s something you should have known and been practicing all along. Networking is a term that can mean a lot of different things, but I now know that networking is often what you need to do to get your foot in the door. Those same professors and bosses you never thought to get to know have a wealth of experience and contacts they are more than willing to share with an eager and ambitious student. Recently, I have taken advantage of this which has made my job search a lot easier.

One of my professors, for instance, has become my mentor and been the source of referrals to many different companies. Since building that relationship with him, I have been able to get a number of interviews that might not otherwise be possible. Most valuable, though, is the insight this professor has been able to provide into the various opportunities that are becoming available to me.

In today’s tough economic times and tight job market, networking is one of the biggest advantages you can have on your competition. Not only is a referral a great way to differentiate yourself, but these professors, peers and parents can also serve as an amazing untapped resource of knowledge and insight.


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