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I’m guessing many of you are looking for work these days. Post-graduation and summer job searches are a little tougher this year than they have been in the past. Applicants outnumber jobs, and everyone’s trying their hardest to get noticed.

According to 18 percent of hiring managers, more job seekers are using unusual tactics to land jobs this year than last, finds a recent CareerBuilder survey. That’s increase over recent years and a sign of the time.

Now, just because these people made an impression on hiring managers doesn’t mean they got the job. When it comes down to it, your skills and qualifications will land you a job. But, hey, sometimes you just want to know someone’s paying attention. And these job seekers definitely got employers’ attention.

Here are some of the most unusual job search tactics hiring managers have seen:

  • Candidate sent a shoe with a resume to “get my foot in the door.”
  • Candidate staged a sit-in in the lobby to get a meeting with a director.
  • Candidate washed cars in the parking lot.
  • Candidate sent a resume wrapped as a present and said his skills were a “gift to the company.”
  • Candidate handed out resumes at stoplights.
  • Candidate sent a cake designed as a business card with the candidate’s picture.
  • Candidate went to the same barber as the Chairman of the Board and had the barber speak on his behalf.
  • Candidate handed out personalized coffee cups.
  • Candidate came dressed in a bunny suit because it was near Easter.
  • Candidate told the receptionist he had an interview with the manager. When he met the manager, he confessed that he was driving by and decided to stop in on a chance.

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hiremytvadCareerBuilder is looking to you to make its next Super Bowl ad … and will give you $100,000 to do it!

That’s right. CareerBuilder is looking to job seekers to create its next TV spot because, after all, who knows job search better than the job seekers themselves?

If you win, CareerBuilder will produce your ad, send you on a trip for a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the commercial and air it during Super Bowl XLIV on February 7, 2010. Oh, and did we mention the $100,000 “paycheck”? Or the $50,000 runner-up prize?

All you have to do is go to http://www.hiremytvad.com/ and submit a 25-second video of your idea. Applications will be judged on: creativity, originality, entertainment value, performance level, humor and alignment with the CareerBuilder brand.

Want to know more? Check out the story in today’s Wall Street Journal and go to http://www.hiremytvad.com/ for full details and to enter.

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Now that President Obama has signed the stimulus bill, everyone is (very eagerly) looking for signs of an upswing. It’s no secret that the road ahead is going to be lengthy and bumpy, at best. This means that for graduating seniors, the job market will hopefully be better by the summer but don’t expect a miraculous 180 from today’s state, either.

With that in mind, we’re continuing our focus on how students are revising their post-graduation plans in the wake of the economic turbulence. Here are some thoughts on the situation from Natalie.

cbnatalie In light of the changing economy, now seems like a scary time to be on the job hunt.  Graduating should be exciting, not stressful. Unfortunately for us, graduating is stressful – now more than ever. With a new president, change could be on its way. Until then, there are things we can do to help aid us in our post graduation plans.

I personally believe it’s all about keeping your options open. With the uneasy job market, we need to be less picky and more flexible in what and where our jobs will be. By changing my search from “Ohio” to “All States” on CBcampus.com, I received more than 2,000 extra choices. (There are 89 HR jobs listed in Ohio but a massive 2,107 HR jobs listed when I don’t specify a state!)

Now I don’t know about anybody else, but to me 2,000 extra options seem like big deal!  Two thousand extra choices could make all the difference in my job search because, in the end, all I need is that one job, right?

I understand that it can be hard to make that switch. “All States” could be anywhere! And anywhere can mean expensive. But it might be better to pay to relocate and have a job than not have a job at all.  Obviously, it’s an individual’s choice and there are a lot of factors that go into making an across-the-country move, but remember to be flexible and open. There are companies out there who pay relocation expenses for you.

“All States” could also mean a place far away from family and friends.  But look on the bright side: If you and all your college buddies spread across the country, you not only have a ton of great places to visit (hopefully at least one person is somewhere warm!), you also have networking opportunities across the nation.  After you gain a couple years experience and decide you’re ready for change, call up those buddies and ask what’s available around them.  They just might have names and information.

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This post was written by Matt Wilson, who’s a staff writer at our sister blog The Hiring Site. Matt’s got some great observations to share here.

Just over a month ago, we elected a new national leader. Many were happy with the results, while some were disappointed; but I think we can all agree on being thankful that, after two years of campaigning, the process is finally over.

Prior to the election, people were both enamored and critical over certain qualities the two unique presidential candidates showed. We won’t ask who you voted for here, but we would like to know what qualities attract you to a particular leader. Is it someone who is daring or diplomatic? Brilliant or wise? Authoritative or relational?

With apologies to the Obamas and McCains of the world, and even ex-TV Presidents Jed Bartlet and David Palmer, we’ve taken six non-political, fictional characters and examined the qualities that made them effective leaders.


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On Monday, we were talking about CareerBuilder.com’s networking site BrightFuse. We asked our CBcampus Ambassadors to give us a sense of their experience on BrightFuse, and what their thoughts are on professional networking sites.

We’re featuring the comments of two of our Ambassadors, Kailee and Mike, in today’s post. Take a look.


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CareerBuilder.com’s networking site BrightFuse has just launched several new, innovative features for users!

We’ve been brainstorming and listening to feedback, and have developed these new features to enhance your experience.

If you have a BrightFuse profile, log in and take a look at all of these new features! If you haven’t checked out BrightFuse yet, now’s the time to dive in and start networking!


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Joe, our CBcampus Ambassador from Illinois, is in the midst of a job search to kick off his career. Joe’s been on the “front lines” for a while, and has some suggestions on how to maximize your time and efforts when you’re job hunting.

Take a look at his suggestions, and let us know if you have any of your own – or if you disagree with Joe. We’d love to hear from job seekers who’ve had success with their own ideas.


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