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Job Buffet

One of the more fun aspects of job hunting – and I promise it can have enjoyable moments – is that you get to see some new things you might’ve never thought about before. The offices tucked away in buildings you always pass but never go into, the positions you didn’t know existed, the people you get to meet. Regardless of whether or not you take a job with anybody you interview with, you sort of walk through a buffet line of workplaces.

How should you get the best sampling of the delicious job platter?

1. Do some legwork. The Internet’s a fantastic job hunting tool (see number 2), but the serendipitous nature of walking (or driving) can’t be beat. When you’re looking for work, you’ll suddenly notice businesses you hadn’t seen before (such as an advertising agency whose sign you always ignored).

2. Log on. Of course you know to look online, but don’t limit yourself to a narrow, targeted list of jobs. You might think you know the job title you want, but don’t be afraid to enter keywords that appeal to you – you might be surprised to find jobs you never thought of that suit you perfectly.

3. Be willing to go on a lot of interviews. Even if you’re not sure you really want the job, don’t be afraid to show up and see what they have to say. Unless it’s a monstrous day-long interview, you only have an hour or so of your life to lose, and you could end up actually liking what you hear. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to practice your interview techniques.

4. Pick up the phone. If you know of a place you’d like to work (either because of its reputation or word-of-mouth), contact them. They might not be hiring but they could be willing to sit down for a quick interview with you or to hear you out and keep you in mind for a future position that might open up.


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