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It’s never too early to start looking for your first job after college. Although it’s only January, it will be May before you know it and you don’t want to be caught off guard when graduation sneaks up on you.

To help prepare graduates for this transition, Laurence Shatkin, Ph.D., and career expert Michael Farr wrote “200 Best Jobs for Recent Graduates, Fourth Edition. The book identifies 200 of the most rewarding jobs for graduates, including such pertinent information as annual earnings, beginning wages, job growth and more.

“These jobs have higher percentages of recent college graduates and may present more opportunities for initial entry or upward mobility,” Shatkin says.

Here’s a short list of the best overall jobs with a high percentage of college graduates between 20- and 24-year-olds, according to Farr and Shatkin.

Beginning wage: $40,100

Percent growth: 53.4 percent

Annual opening: 35,086

Beginning wage: $30,890

Percent growth: 24.8 percent

Annual opening: 47,750

Beginning wage: $30,890

Percent growth: 24.8 percent

Annual opening: 47,750

Beginning wage: $33,310

Percent growth: 20.1 percent

Annual opening: 45,015

Beginning wage: $29,580

Percent growth: 17.6 percent

Annual opening: 51,216

Beginning wage: $32,470

Percent growth: 18.5 percent

Annual opening: 38,379

Beginning wage: $28,430

Percent growth: 12.6 percent

Annual opening: 54,025

Beginning wage: $48,750

Percent growth: 23.7 percent

Annual opening: 3,245

Beginning wage: $28,360

Percent growth: 22.2 percent

Annual opening: 22,756

Beginning wage: $25,950

Percent growth: 12.9 percent

Annual opening: 97,334


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molly-bOver the last few days, our CBcampus Ambassadors have been sharing some fun ideas about what they’d do for a living if they could build and shape their “dream job.”

Molly, our Ambassador in Michigan, is sharing her idea about what she’d like to do if she could build her own dream job.

Like many of us, Molly’s dream was shaped during her childhood. But she’s recently found a new source of inspiration.


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On Wednesday, we featured a post from our CBcampus Ambassador Molly, who had experienced a less-than-stellar beginning to her job search.

We asked several experts and career center counselors across the country to take a look at Molly’s story and see if they had any suggestions for her to help her maximize her efforts to find a job.


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molly-bIt’s a challenging time to be searching for a job, especially that elusive first job.

Our CBcampus Ambassador Molly is planning for her post-graduation job, too. We’d love to tell you it was a mouseclick away, but Molly has hit several road bumps along her career path.

Here’s Molly story in her own words.


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In yesterday’s post, we were trying to share some “tough love” and encourage reluctant job hunters to take the leap.

But if you’re not convinced, don’t take our word for it – here’s a few recent graduates who have found jobs and launched careers in the last five years. Here’s what they have to say.


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With all of the economic challenges we’ve been hearing about on the news, it’s clear that searching for a new job is trickier than it was before.

And the statistics are indicating that there are fewer jobs to go around. Jobs that might previously have been the domain of new graduates entering the job force are also being awarded to mid-level candidates who are competing for jobs after a layoff or downsizing.

But we’re hearing a lot of fear and hesitation from our readers. And we want to encourage you to take the leap. It may be harder, but finding a job is by no means an impossible task.


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kailee-h1When should you start your job search? What’s the best time to start pounding the pavement in earnest to land that first post-graduate gig?

For all of us, a successful job search can be a combination of skills, research, and luck. Timing is important, and our CBcampus Ambassador Kailee is wondering: How early is too early?

Check out her thoughts on the subject – and make sure you’ve got CBcampus bookmarked so you can take the first steps to YOUR successful job search.


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