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You and I know internships are great. They give you experience, teach you new things, expose you to valuable contacts and often count for course credit. Overall, internships are something you want.

So I wasn’t terribly surprised to see this article posted on The New York Times site the other day about companies having plenty of interns, but not enough chairs. Writer Simon Akam talks to interns at a Brooklyn law firm to see how they’re dealing with an unusually crowded workplace. He points out that the law firm has 60 more interns this summer than it did in 2008’s summer.

The bumper crop of interns, whose placements end July 31, is the result of an increase in both applications and the percentage of students who accepted offers, most likely a fallout of the recession, as many corporate law firms have cut back on their summer programs. In addition to the intensified competition to score a full-time — and paid — job after graduation, the intern glut has put a premium on office chairs, desk space and meaty assignments.

As a result, not all interns feel like they’re getting the experience and responsibility they signed on for. That’s an interesting sentiment in a time when employees seem to be spread thin and complaints of being overworked are commonplace.

On the flip side, over in Austin, a city known for its music is making good use of its interns, according to the Austin Business Journal. This article on music business interns finds these students with more than enough work to do. Students at a community college are helping independent musicians and venues with press releases and managerial tasks involved with the business.

“They have to take accounting and marketing and small business management because a lot of them are going to have to start their own companies,” he said. “We set them up to do business, whether they want to be a musician, manager or concert promoter.”

Bobruk’s intern, Indra Hernandez, said she’s enjoyed working for an independent musician.

“I’ve learned a lot, from writing press releases to talking to people in the industry. It’s been an eye-opening experience,” Hernandez said.

What does this mean for someone looking for an internships? First, this is proof that they’re out there and employers are eager to have you. Also, if you want to expand your skill set, then don’t be afraid to reach out to companies or small businesses  that aren’t the usual destinations for interns. If you’re one of a dozen interns in a single department, you’re competing just to get an assignment. That means the odds of you being offered a permanent positions could dwindle, too.

That’s not to say going with another employer is guaranteed to land you a permanent position, but at least you’ll have an enviable amount of experience to boast about when other people spent their summer making copies.


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For today’s blog from our CBcampus Ambassadors, we’re hearing from Michigan-based Molly, who’s talking about her internship and job search experiences.

There’s a lot to keep in mind during what can be a long and arduous process, and Molly has some thoughts to share from both sides of the issue – how to impress your potential employer, and WHY they should impress you!


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Over the last few weeks, our CBcampus Ambassadors have talked about their internship experiences.

We’d love to have you share your internship experiences – the moments to remember, the mistakes you’d rather forget, and what you learned that you’ve applied in your career.

Tell us about your experiences here – just leave us a comment.

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We continue our spotlight on our CBcampus Ambassadors, and our conversation about internships: how to get them, how to take advantage of them, and what they can mean for your career.

Today’s conversation is from our Minnesota CBcampus Ambassador, Jordan W.

You could say that in Jordan’s case, “if at first you don’t succeed, try again.”  


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